Understanding Mobile Apps

1. Install Mobile App

* Firstly, you need to have a Salesforce Account.* Before you using this App, the admin account for your company has already installed the package in the Salesforce org.* Only support edition: Professional (purchased API permission), Performance, Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer in Salesforce. Sc...

2. Scan & Synchronize

Step 1: Please follow the prompts to allow our App access to your camera and photos. Step 2: Please log in your account and authorize to Salesforce. Step 3: Tap the Camera icon to start your scanning process. Meantime, you can also choose to import photos. Then click the [Confirm] button to do the n...

3. How to set OCR input languages

Default input languages: English, Korean, Japanese and your System Language. * Untick Chinese Simple if you want a precise recognition of Chinese Tradition.* Untick Chinese Simple and Chinese Tradition if you want a precise recognition of Japanese.

4. Export to Outlook & Gmail

Step 1: Click [Select] button,Select card/cards you want to export. Click on [Sync] Step 2: You will get a popup window to choose the app which you want to export to. * You should be log in to your [Gmail] or [Outlook] account before your export to those apps.