ID Robot

170+ Recognition Standard Modules, including Business Card, Passport, Bank Card, etc.

  • Business Card Recognition: Recognize 17 languages and can quickly expand to 55 languages compatibility.
  • ID and Passport Recognition: Scan ID and passport precisely and effectively, along with Biometrics identification solution.
  • Bank Card Recognition: Covers all types of credit cards including VISA, JCB, Union Pay, MasterCard and America Express.

Financial Report Robot

Trial Balance of Financial Statements, Subject Display and Export Financial Report Data.


50+Types of Certificates Auto-Classification System.

Receipt Robot

20+types of invoices with Intelligent Collection,Image Cropping, Classification, Recognition and Verification. Customized recognizing full-texts back with biangular coordinates of texts and the confidence coefficient of recognition.

Al Training Platform

Support the customization of recognition module with rapid deployment; recognize precisely and effectively by customizing the configuration training in private cloud environment.

Image Processing

Enhance image quality by cropping, rotating and removing spare background, and reduces the network bandwidth and storage cost.

Contract Comparison Robot

Intelligent Document Review. Multi-formate Difference Comparison.

Form Configuration Robot

Instantly store the key structural information output by full-text recognition and configuration.

Text Configuration Robot

Configure the non-standardized documentation.

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